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    Training to Win: A Spiritual Guide to Victorious Living


    Hundreds of books claim to offer the best in physical fitness programs. But rarely is time taken to reflect on what kind of shape we are in spiritually. A gifted pastor and preacher, as well as a dynamic teacher, Kenneth Ulmer offers Christians a different kind of fitness program--the eternal kind.

    Training to Win is a spiritual fitness program that helps Christians move beyond the surface "spirituality" that has become so popular in today's culture to a much deeper level--godliness. "Paul told us to train ourselves for godliness," Ulmer writes. "Our target--the mark we shoot for, the purpose for which we are called--is godliness."

    Training to Win is an engaging look at the Scriptures that takes you step-by-step through the issues and hurdles of training toward godliness. It is divided into three sections that explore the principle of godliness, the process of godliness, and the practice of godliness. Set in a reader-interactive, Bible study format complete with questions at the end of each chapter, Training to Win will lead you to the "workout" of your life--one that will lead you to peace, understanding and eternal spiritual fitness.

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