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    Focus Beyond Calvary: Were You There? (MP3 Download)


    On this Palm Sunday, we join Jesus on a journey beyond Calvary leading to the joys of the resurrection, zooming in once again on the cross. The cross is the crux of African-American theology and experience. The cross is the practical manifestation of God’s will and His cost for following Christ. Spirituals and hymnals were woven together to create a musical, theological foundation for the saints as they re-membered the cross as an event in the life of Jesus and also as a symbol of their oppression and the injustice they experienced. The Bible, a weapon that was used to oppress, became the very tool used for deliverance. Historically, African-Americans have found synthesis in the suffering of Christ and the suffering of Blacks in America. Yet, Christ did not remain in the grave which moves our focus beyond Calvary to Resurrection Sunday.

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