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    The Spirit of Giving: The Series


    "THE SPIRIT OF GIVING" Series includes the following CD's

    GOD ROBBERS - Could you imagine being Abraham when God told him that he would bless him and make his name great? Well God also extends Abraham’s blessing to all believers. God’s blessing of Abraham involved a person, a principle, a priest and a promise.

    THE SPIRIT OF GIVING - The Apostle Paul writes to the church at Corinth and asked for their forgiveness for him not allowing them to support him financially in ministry. This may seem odd, but there is a blessing in being able to give.

    THE GOD OF IT ALL - An in depth study on the sovereignty of God, the stewardship of the saints and the consequences of the promise.

    WHO IS FIRST - In the book of Exodus chapter 13 God said “to sanctify the First Born unto me for it is mine.” This commandment to the Children of Israel was a for-shadow of us as believers giving God our First Fruits.

    WHO’S ON FIRST - The principle of tithing is learning to give the first to God, give God our first and give first ourselves.

    THE DRAMA OF GIVING - God prepares the Children of Israel to enter into the promise land by giving them specific directions on how to bring their offerings. The discipline of tithing teaches us how to honor and reverence God. 

    GIVING A MATTER OF THE HEART - King Hezekiah was quite young when he became king, but instead of following in the evil footsteps of his father the Bible says “He did what was right in the sight of the Lord.” Giving is a matter of the heart.

    GIVING LOVE - As believers in the Body of Christ when we share our testimonies with one another we expand our collective knowledge of just how great God is. God’s love for us was so amazing and overwhelming that he gave us the most precious gift he could to show his deep abiding love, Jesus Christ.


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